Graphical Auditing

Turn your data analysis into your very own tools


Record your data analysis to a computer script. No programming required!


Run the script (your data-analysis-turned-system-tool) on other data sets.


Choose from three different playback options. Show your boss and colleagues your work. Save time.

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Graphical auditing allows you to record your data analysis on one data set, and then ask your computer to repeat the recorded analysis on a different data set, thereby saving time. You do it once, and our system will re-do it as many times as you want — on the same or other data sets.

Beyond that, graphical auditing has boundless possibilities. You can turn your most often used data analysis routines into powerful analytical tools simply by showing them once to our systems. Should your profession demand repetitive attention to detail, graphical auditing can automate the execution of checks and analysis of multiple trials — letting you focus on more the output and less on getting the output.

Focus on the result ...

... while Graphical Auditing gets you there

Amazing system


Graphical Auditing is precise. Even window-movements are recorded.


Graphical Auditing is lightweight and efficient. Our systems will work as fast as usual with it.


Graphical Auditing is easy to use. Just enable recording and continue to analyze data.

You do it once ...

... and our systems will re-do it as many times as you like, even on other data-sets, all with exacting precision.

Get Started!

Graphical Auditing ships standard with all Chi-Square Works graphical data analysis systems.


Speed up routine data-analysis.

Argos Jr.

Cast away repetitive click-sequences.


Re-run experiments and trials with ease.

Numerical Data

Auditing operations that visualize observation locations, paint, and retrieve data.

Automatic Microscopy Image Data

Auditing operations related to in situ zooming and various image operations