Impressionist Density Plot Module

An impressionist density plot uses different shades of various colors to encode univariate density estimates. Traditionally, histograms have been used to display univariate density estimates; hence, they are used here as a starting point to introduce impressionist density plots.

The following is a trellis of histograms with each panel displaying a DNA profile from one of the 8 wells in an HCS experiment:

a one-column trellis of dna profile for hcs visual discovery.

This trellis of histograms can be redisplayed through several impressionist density plots to view the data from different perspectives:

an impressionist density plot for hcs visual discovery.

an impressionist density plot with uniform kernel for hcs visual discovery.

a b&w impressionist density plot with for hcs visual discovery.

Multiple impressionist density plots can also be displayed in a trellis. For example, Fig. A below

a trellis of impressionist density plots,
                  a high-content screening experiment.
Fig. A

is a trellis of impressionist density plots based on the same high-content screening data as that in the following Fig. B:

a trellis of dna profiles, a high-content screening experiment.
Fig B: A trellis of DNA profiles