High-Content Screening Data Analysis and Visualization

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The Panmo Box: high-content screen examples

Serving some of the most experienced HCS practitioners since 2003, Panmo empowers biologists to directly drive the process of HCS data analysis. Its visual discovery and visual programming functionality enable biologists to freely explore their data, be they images or numbers, from multiple viewpoints at the same time at both the well and the cell levels. Fast and innovative, Panmo lets you explore your data like no other systems can.

Panmo makes HCS information flow at your fingertips.


Graphical Auditing is Here! (March 2015)

The Chi-Square Works, Inc., is pleased to announce the completion of our new, revolutionary graphical auditing system! Have you ever gotten tired of moving and clicking your mouse to issue the same instructions into the computer, over, and over again? Does your work involve running the same tests over dozens of data sets? Or are you looking for something useful to abstract away complex error-prone data analysis procedures into a single, confident push of a button? If so, Panmo's graphical auditing system is for you. Using graphical auditing, Panmo users can record their actions analyzing data into a single script file, which can be executed on other data sets, requiring no programming/scripting experience at all. Thus, tedious data analysis normally applied repetitively on numerous data sets will only have to be performed by the user once, allowing the computer to do the rest with exacting precision for all data sets.To see auditing in action, watch the screencasts here.