Argos Junior

Argos Junior is free.

To download it, enter the letters in the image and click the "Go Argos Junior!" button. You may click the image to get a different set of letters.

Supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows (XP or newer) and Linux.

If you would like us to notify you about new releases of Argos Junior, please leave us a message here.


Once you have downloaded the installation tarball, carry out the following steps in a shell window:

  1. tar xJf argos-*-*-x86*-linux.tar.xz, where the first 2 wildcards match the version and build numbers of your download and the third wildcard matches either "-64" or nothing (""). This will create a new argos directory.
  2. cd argos to have access to the newly-extracted installer in the new directory.
  3. sudo ./install-argos to install Argos Jr.  Depending on what operating system you run, you may have to do su first and, then, do ./install-argos.  Either way, you'll need superuser privileges to carry out this step.

Installation for MS Windows should be straightforward; simply download and run the installation executable and follow its instructions.


An Argos license upgrades Argos Junior to full Argos capabilities, as specified on the Products page. This license is good forever, for the version of Argos you purchased it for. It also comes with a free one-year Software Support Plan.

The Software Support Plan entitles you to upgrade to any new releases of Argos as well as obtain any software patches while it is in effect. For any new Argos releases obtained while the Software Support Plan is in effect, previously purchased licenses will still be good forever.

Should your Software Support Plan expire, any new Argos releases you download will automatically revert back to Argos Junior. However, you will still be able to use your older releases with full Argos capabilities after your Software Support Plan expires.

Software Support Plans can only be renewed while you have a valid Software Support Plan. One year of a Software Support Plan is worth $30. The Chi-Square Works, Inc. will contact you to renew your Software Support Plan 30 days before it expires.

Students qualify for our student discount of 65%.

Before you begin the purchasing process, please make sure that you have obtained Argos Junior. You will need it for generating a license.

Argos License






✳ Your final taxes and total may update depending on your geographic location.


Panmo and its optional modules are available through annual subscription. Each Panmo annual subscription is tied to one computer. A Panmo subscription is required to subscribe to any optional modules.

Before you begin the purchasing process, please make sure that you have obtained the free trial edition of Panmo. You will need it for generating a license.

You can choose between issuing a purchase order or paying with a credit card later during the ordering process.

Academic Discount

Students, faculty, and staff members of educational institutions, as well as educational institutions themselves, qualify for our academic discount of 50%.

Operating System:    
Qualify for Academic Discount?    
ProductLicense TypeUnit of MeasureUnit PriceQuantityTotal
PanmoAnnual SubscriptionEach$980.00$980.00
HCS Image ModuleAnnual SubscriptionEach$850.00$0.00
Cell Cycle Analysis ModuleAnnual SubscriptionEach$150.00$0.00
Impressionist Density Plot ModuleAnnual SubscriptionEach$100.00$0.00
FLIPR ModuleAnnual SubscriptionEach$100.00$0.00
Academic Discount:
Volume Discount♦:
Grand Total✳:
♦ How volume discount is calculated is explained here.
✳ Your final taxes and grand total may update depending on your geographic location.

Optional Modules

You'll need Panmo to use any of the optional modules. If you already have a valid Panmo license, please contact The Chi-Square Works, Inc. for buying optional modules.

If you don't have a valid Panmo license, please first request a trial version of Panmo and the optional modules you are interested in. After that, place your order here.